Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well, my first blog was fun. The angels all found wonderful homes and families. Three going east to Philly area and three local. The angels got their shots yesterday with Tess's help. She gave the injections. They did great. They are six weeks old and doing great. Wow do they run and tumble at the sound of my voice. Tug of war is a new found joy with a fat rope. I only work two days this week so I can have my loving time with them before most of them leave next weekend. Oh the joy of these red little fluffy cockapoos.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

growing growing growing

just taking a quick stroll in the flower gardens.

chew chew chew

raaarrr! i'm tough!

just a little nibble.

hello lola!


lizz's puppy!

lizz's puppy again!

my pumpkins.

how cute are they??

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Angels are faster and running to jump up on my legs. Five weeks old today. Little Baby Cakes the female is now growing and tugging hard at my sweater like its an animal!! They tumble and jump and lick like mom (Harley) It has been exciting. Butch had his family come yesterday and he will live right up the street with an older cockapoo. Judy and her family are excited. The Linda and Larry came a long ways (over two hours) and picked out stitches. He makes me go into Stitches!!! So he is going north. Then Rolo is going to Cathy and Ron who live in Hershey and I work with her/ Rolo is going to shake up Reeses's life. Reese is a Cockapoo who is a princess. They came and decided today as well. And of course Chase was spoken for at two weeks. I have to paint Stitches tail and Chases tail with fingernail polish because they look to much alike. Chase has red and Stitch has lavendar. Oh the sweetness of adoptive homes. Angels get their shots next weekend.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tough guy.

playing with mom.

trying to escape.

hey mom! help us out!

i told you we're tough. watch out WWE... we're the next break out stars!

More Pictures!

cuddling with my brother.

let me out! let me out! i'm big enough!

feeding with mom.

come on mom!

we're tough little guys!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Angels getting bigger, 5 people called interested but 5 are still all mine. I am at awe at their development. Prancing across the box, trying so hard to get out of the inside box, chewing each other, once in a while a growl and a bark. One angel did bounce to freedom but was quite lost in that freedom. What a time to learn their personalities. Food starts in a few days and then out in the cottage for good. Eyes are getting keener but they still might bump into a wall. I got Tess to show me very slowly how to get the pictures uploaded and as you see none. Oh techy I am not. The angels enjoyed a romp in the grass yesterday, but it was a bit unsettling. Each day they make me laugh and they learn something new.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Breeze took the puppies over in the middle of the night. Gave them up after a hour. haha
Spoiling the Angels.

Grace sure knows how to put an angel to sleep and dream
puppies beginning to walk
what's on the other side of this wall?
Tanya has Chase
Richard and our comedian look at that tongue!
Sibling love.
move over and share!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two weeks old today!!!!!!!!!!!
Chase, the red head angel has been spoken for by the Vogelsongs. Richard, Rick, Tanya and Grace gave the angels a delightful play time. Chase just snuggled and kissed Tanya and laid with his feet in the air for Grace. Richard helped me with pictures that are coming. Harley was an aware mom but very happy to be in the mix. Her babies are sooooo red. It is fun.
Today has such a chill but the angels are cozy in front of the wood stove. They lay around and play a bit like a dogs life. So cute to see one angel mouthing his mom with a paw on her head. The little female is very red and I have named her "Baby Cakes". More names to follow as we learn each other. It is fun to see them try to walk yet their little legs give out. Hard to believe they will walk next week. How fast they grow up. Until I get some pictures on....... .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well, the angel's first day out, the lamp and 76 degrees and sunny was alittle to warm. They were sprawled out and sleeping hard. Tess came home and two had toppled out of the cottage door. They were cooling too. Today was better. 75 degrees and no heat lamp. Cozy and comfortable. I am happy that I am home because it will be in the 50's and they will be inside. Oh in just a week I won't have to worry.

Oh yes, and the angels are now seeing something. Their eyes are opening. now I am showing you the opening eyes and colors of the pups. Fun now!!!!! They are beginning to play with each other. Kinda like mouth each other for 15 seconds and then fall asleep. Their differences are beautiful.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well, it is nice my friend Deb was here yesterday so I could leave the pups inside while I was at work. Tomorrow I set them out in the cottage just while I am at work. I cleaned it out two days ago, so with just an electric cord and carpet they will do fine. Harley will surley get freaked I am sure.

The angels daddy is a Red Ridinghood Poodle. Harley in the mixed poodle world is a F1 and because she was mated to a purebred poodle(akc) the angels are considered F1Bs (If Harley was bred toanother cockapoo the pups would be F2s) The angels are losing that just born look. This Sunday they should open their eyes. Beautiful spring day!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

what a hungry mama!

Well, we put a sign out in the yard and when I got home and a woman from our road is interested in seeing them. Hope to hear from her. She sounds like a dog lover with one barking in the background. Harley has been so enjoying the couple hours I leave and she is alone. She is so cuddly with the angels after the mommy time that she does not leave the box. They are so much stronger in their feeding.
Harley is really antagonized by Breeze so now Breeze must stay out. Ace does not bother her as much. This morning Reuben tried to come in because it was going to rain, then Harley started snarling at Reuben, then Ace was yipping at Reuben, then Breeze got in a mix and they were all at it at my feet in our little mud room. Yipes. What happens all from a protective mom. The angels are9 days old. In just 5 days they will open their eyes. That will be fun. I clean out their cottage outside and check the heat lamp. They will be fine. Then I will bring them in to the house when I arrive home. Worried Grandma. Smile.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Harley's angels were peaceful and Harley calm until the tail docking day. My, did it go well with Tess and I but Harley's hormones of protection went out of control. I fell asleep and found two pups behind my legs on the couch. She was protecting. I left the cellar door open and she went running with one angel down the steps and under the freezer. She was sure bent on getting them out of the box. The next morning I met her at the top of the steps with one. Well, I knew she need to calm down so I left her for a few hours and it was so good for her. She snuggled with the angels and nursed and loved and all her security came back. Wow, and now they can just grow in love. Today friends Tanya and Rick came to let Harley out while we were at work. I believe they spoiled and loved on the angels and Harley. Then after work I put a sign out in the front yard to advertise the angels. So now they are 5 days old!!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

They're Here!

Harley is the best Mother for her six new babies. Harley was getting so big and could not make it onto the couch. She would lay sideways and roll lopsided when she wanted to change positions.

Harley lives with her friends Reuben a coon hound, Breeze a springer spaniel and Ace a bischonpoo. They love to run the two acres and bark at the trucks and deer.

Harley went into labor the day before Easter and had her first apricot baby at 10:00, right at church time. She was quite shaken and picked up the baby and ran. I got her back to the labor bed and thought after the second she would calm down. Oh no she is running away with another. Well she had two more and some friends, the Vogelsongs, came to see the baby born. Grace and Richard were a bit less impressed than dad and mom were. I missed church for the first time on Easter in my life. When all was quiet and Izzy our grandchild had looked at them enough Maggie came running about a new baby not moving. Our Harley was tired but the ruckus made her clean the 6th baby up and now we have 6 beautiful pups. 5 boys and 1 girl. Their Daddy is a very red AKC puddle who resides at in Perry County. It is so amazing all the pups are apricot though one is light more like Harley.