Sunday, April 11, 2010

what a hungry mama!

Well, we put a sign out in the yard and when I got home and a woman from our road is interested in seeing them. Hope to hear from her. She sounds like a dog lover with one barking in the background. Harley has been so enjoying the couple hours I leave and she is alone. She is so cuddly with the angels after the mommy time that she does not leave the box. They are so much stronger in their feeding.
Harley is really antagonized by Breeze so now Breeze must stay out. Ace does not bother her as much. This morning Reuben tried to come in because it was going to rain, then Harley started snarling at Reuben, then Ace was yipping at Reuben, then Breeze got in a mix and they were all at it at my feet in our little mud room. Yipes. What happens all from a protective mom. The angels are9 days old. In just 5 days they will open their eyes. That will be fun. I clean out their cottage outside and check the heat lamp. They will be fine. Then I will bring them in to the house when I arrive home. Worried Grandma. Smile.

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