Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Angels are faster and running to jump up on my legs. Five weeks old today. Little Baby Cakes the female is now growing and tugging hard at my sweater like its an animal!! They tumble and jump and lick like mom (Harley) It has been exciting. Butch had his family come yesterday and he will live right up the street with an older cockapoo. Judy and her family are excited. The Linda and Larry came a long ways (over two hours) and picked out stitches. He makes me go into Stitches!!! So he is going north. Then Rolo is going to Cathy and Ron who live in Hershey and I work with her/ Rolo is going to shake up Reeses's life. Reese is a Cockapoo who is a princess. They came and decided today as well. And of course Chase was spoken for at two weeks. I have to paint Stitches tail and Chases tail with fingernail polish because they look to much alike. Chase has red and Stitch has lavendar. Oh the sweetness of adoptive homes. Angels get their shots next weekend.

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