Friday, April 9, 2010

Harley's angels were peaceful and Harley calm until the tail docking day. My, did it go well with Tess and I but Harley's hormones of protection went out of control. I fell asleep and found two pups behind my legs on the couch. She was protecting. I left the cellar door open and she went running with one angel down the steps and under the freezer. She was sure bent on getting them out of the box. The next morning I met her at the top of the steps with one. Well, I knew she need to calm down so I left her for a few hours and it was so good for her. She snuggled with the angels and nursed and loved and all her security came back. Wow, and now they can just grow in love. Today friends Tanya and Rick came to let Harley out while we were at work. I believe they spoiled and loved on the angels and Harley. Then after work I put a sign out in the front yard to advertise the angels. So now they are 5 days old!!!!!!

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