Thursday, April 8, 2010

They're Here!

Harley is the best Mother for her six new babies. Harley was getting so big and could not make it onto the couch. She would lay sideways and roll lopsided when she wanted to change positions.

Harley lives with her friends Reuben a coon hound, Breeze a springer spaniel and Ace a bischonpoo. They love to run the two acres and bark at the trucks and deer.

Harley went into labor the day before Easter and had her first apricot baby at 10:00, right at church time. She was quite shaken and picked up the baby and ran. I got her back to the labor bed and thought after the second she would calm down. Oh no she is running away with another. Well she had two more and some friends, the Vogelsongs, came to see the baby born. Grace and Richard were a bit less impressed than dad and mom were. I missed church for the first time on Easter in my life. When all was quiet and Izzy our grandchild had looked at them enough Maggie came running about a new baby not moving. Our Harley was tired but the ruckus made her clean the 6th baby up and now we have 6 beautiful pups. 5 boys and 1 girl. Their Daddy is a very red AKC puddle who resides at in Perry County. It is so amazing all the pups are apricot though one is light more like Harley.


  1. I'm following your blog, Mom! Looks good.

  2. fun, new post but need more pictures. Love you